22kW Mode 3 Type 2 Tethered Electric Car Chargepoint


  • In-built earth-neutral failure protection (no earth rod or isolation transformer required)
  • Load balancing ensures no pre-authorisation required from the ENA or DNO
  • Every unit is now fitted with 6mA DC leakage protection (no type B RCD required)
  • Available Tethered Type 1 / Type 2 connector
  • Includes standard 4.8m tethered lead, upgradable to 7.5m upon request
  • Wifi connected
  • Free over the air software updates for the life of the charger
Charge Protocol Mode 3
Charging Rate 22kW
Colour Black / Grey
Connector Type Type 2
Depth 150mm
Height 360mm
IP Rating IP54
Mounting Type Wall Mounted
Width 360mm
Current Rating 32A
Voltage Rating 400V
Number of Connectors 1 Outlet


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